Bewons Guide


What is Bewons?

Bewons is the social network for talent, an online stage where you can get noticed and also find job opportunities.

How do I subscribe to Bewons?

1. Go to
2. In the registration form, choose your category, enter your name, email, password, date of birth and sex.
3. Click on "Register".

Once you've signed up, you must confirm your email address by accessing your email.

How many languages ​​is Bewons available in?

Bewons is available in six languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

To recover your password go to the Login Page and click on "Recover password". Enter the email address you used to register with Bewons and click on "Send data." You will receive all the instructions to reset your old password in your mailbox.

Is there a fee for Bewons?

Joining the world of Bewons is totally free. All registered users are allowed to create their own profile, upload photos and videos, take part in auditions and online competitions and send messages to other users.


What is a profile?

The personal profile is a space where you can post your photos, videos and performances and communicate with the Bewons community about your interests and what you enjoy doing. There is also a section dedicated to Online Auditions where you can manage all the auditions you've created.

What are related profiles?

Related profiles are the profiles of users who have the same interests as you. You might enjoy contacting them and sharing your passions with them.

How do I follow a user?

To follow a user, just visit their profile and click the "Follow" button next to their name. From that moment you will receive all the updates relating to that user with real-time notices.

What are tags?

Tags represent your interests. They indicate everything that you are interested in so that Bewons can give you suggestions about profiles, auditions or competitions in line with your needs.

Can I create a profile for the theatre where I work?

Of course. Just click on and choose the dedicated option from the drop down menu. You can do this only if you represent it legally or if you've been given the task by the theatre itself.

How do I delete my profile?

1. Log in to Bewons.
2. Click on the icon
3. Go to the "Settings" page
4. Click on "Disable profile"
Enter your personal password in the pop-up window that opens and click on "Confirm".


How do I add a photo to my profile?

When you're in your profile click on "Photos" and then on the "Create album". At this point an new photo album creation page opens where you can create a new album and add your photos.

How do I edit a photo album?

When you're in your profile click on "Photos" and then on the album you want to edit. On the page that opens, click on "Edit album" and delete or add the photos you want.

How do I add a video to my profile?

When you're in your profile click on "Videos" and after that on "Upload video". At this point a page opens with the button "Choose the video to upload." By clicking on this button a window will open that allows you to add videos from your computer.

Which users do the videos and photos I see on the Home page belong to?

The videos and photos you see on the home page come from the profiles of users who have the same interests as you. Bewons believes that their jobs may be of interest, since they have the same tags as you.

What can I find in the announcements section of the notice board?

In this section you can find all the ads published by Bewons users to spread important news for the whole Bewons community.


What is an Online Audition?

The Online Audition is the Bewons tool that allows those who are looking for artists for their show to find them easily. You create an ad and interested users apply with a video performance.
You will have a convenient control panel to select, discard or review the performances by the artists who applied. After identifying the best candidates, just contact them via their profile and potentially ask them in for a live audition.

How can I take part in an Online Audition?

To participate in an Online Audition, the first thing to do is log in to Bewons and click on the Auditions page. Here you can see all the auditions available in groups, choose the one that most interests you and click on it. The "Upload your video" button allows you to apply with a video performance by uploading a new video or a video that is already on your profile.

How do I create an Online Audition?

To create an Online Audition just click on Auditions and then click on the "Create Audition." You will be immediately directed to the Online Audition creation page, an easy and intuitive form that will guide you step by step through the creation of your audition.

How do I take part in a competition?

To participate in a contest just click on Competitions, choose the competition you are interested in and upload a new video of a performance or a video that is already on your profile. The video that receives the most votes from the network wins, so if you want to win one of the prizes, share the link to your video as much as possible.

Can I organise a competition on Bewons?

Yes. If you are the representative of a company and you want to promote your brand through an innovative tool, click on Advertising and contact our staff. We will surely find the solution that best suits your needs.


How do I upload a banner ad to Bewons?

Currently you can not load banner ads independently to promote your message or your brand image on Bewons. However, you can contact our staff by clicking on Advertising. Together we will find the right solutions for you.

How can I contact the Bewons team?

By filling out a simple form , you can ask us any questions you want, whether out of curiosity or to get a solution to a problem you've encountered on the site.
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